1. The Comprehensive Exam is focused on the content of the twelve (12) core modules in the online Professional Service Coordinator Program.
  2. The primary content of each of the modules should be the focus of your studies. The Exam does not cover information located at links from the PSC Program to other organizations or web information.
  3. The Exam questions were developed directly from the text of the modules. The questions contained in the "How Are You Doing?" sections and the Post Tests from each module are not part of the Comprehensive Exam.
  4. The Comprehensive Exam contains 80 multiple choice questions. There are no essay questions on the Exam; however, some of the multiple choice questions provide scenarios that depict situations you might encounter in your daily work. In response to the situation presented, you are asked to choose the best response from the list of choices.
  5. When taking the Exam, you should reflect upon the content presented in the modules, and not second-guess your answers by thinking "well, at our community we do it this way, or that way." The purpose of the Professional Service Coordinator Program is to create a common body of knowledge and standard of practice across the profession.  Therefore, the module content is what you should reflect upon when answering the Exam questions.
  6. There is no intentional effort to trick you by including obscure questions on the Exam. The program staff developed the Exam to test knowledge that it feels is important to functioning at a professional level as a Service Coordinator.
  7. Just as you approach each of your workdays with a plan for your accomplishments, preparing for the Exam will be more successful if you have a plan. With confidence in yourself, you'll do just fine!!