PSC Renewal Requirements

Professional Service Coordinators are required to renew their PSC designation. The PSC Renewal Program requires that PSCs participate in professional development activities and submit evidence of these activities periodically. Promptly meeting these requirements is mandatory to maintain the PSC designation. To retain PSC designations, AASC requires all PSCs to renew every three years by accumulating 36 hours of continuing education. The PSC Renewal is offered to ensure that Professional Service Coordinators maintain the highest professional standards and enhance their continued competence. The cost of renewal is $75.00 and is accomplished by submitting documentation to AASC. Follow this link to submit your PSC Renewal Application.

Not meeting the requirements of the PSC Renewal Program results in an expiration of the PSC designation. However, reinstatement may be requested with documentation of 36 hours of continuing education submitted. The Reinstatement Fee (in addition to the Renewal Fee) is as follows: $25.00 if the application is 0-6 months late; $50.00 if the application is 7-12 months late; and $75.00 if the application is 13-17 months late; for 18 or more months, contact AASC.  For questions regarding PSC Renewal, please contact the AASC Staff at (614) 848-5958 or

Follow this link to submit your PSC Renewal Application.

Additional PSC Renewal Guidelines

A minimum of 12 CEUs per year is required (36 hours during the three-year renewal period), and a minimum of three (3) hours of ethics training must be included.  Proof of training contact hours includes completion of certificates, agendas, programs, etc. List training hours from conferences or symposiums where multiple sessions are presented for each session. CEUs must be earned at official training programs, with learning objectives established.

CEUs may be obtained through online learning (e.g., additional PSC modules, webinars, etc.), conference/seminar training and college courses completed.

Employer-sponsored training will not be accepted for PSC renewals unless a state or national association has approved the training program; All employee training is reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Training must be relevant to service coordination, aging-related issues, and professional development. Courses in areas that are marginally related to service coordination skills are considered on a case-by-case basis.

Follow this link for more information and to submit your PSC Renewal Application.