Communication I: Listening and Relationship Building

1.75 Training Contact Hours

Do you consider yourself to be a good listener? Or do you sometimes feel that things get in the way of your listening as effectively as you might want? The most ordinary conversations can often be the most influential, becoming real moments that matter in our lives. One reason that conversations result in moments that matter is that people are listening carefully to one another.

The purpose of this module is to help you further develop your listening skills. By its end you should be able to recognize barriers to effective listening, the elements of the listening process and types of listening. Our overall goal is to help you acquire strategies to become a more effective listener.


Susan Kline, PhD

Dr. Susan L. Kline is an Associate Professor in the School of Communication at The Ohio State University. She conducts research and teaches courses in interpersonal communication, persuasion and in language and social interaction. She is particularly interested in the role of empathy and person-centered communication practices in wellbeing and the maintenance of interpersonal relationships. 


  1. Recognize the components of the listening process.
  2. Improve your listening skills.
  3. Understand how communication affects relationships.
  4. Recognize features of and ways to create supportive messages.
  5. Learn ways to communicate ideas clearly.

Online Module

When completing the on-line module you will be presented with learning objectives, brief cases, questions for reflection (not scored), and interactive lessons with hyperlinks to engage you along the way. Once you complete the lessons, you will be presented with the Post Test (which requires a score of 100%) and then the Module Evaluation, followed by the opportunity to print your Continuing Education Certificate. Modules remain available for your future reference once you have completed them.